Work Together

Work Together

I have a range of options that will definitely fit your schedule and needs

Sessions can vary from 15 – 60 minutes with a frequency ranging from once a month to daily. My objective is to find whatever fits your present lifestyle and help you to get going. There are two basic options we can talk about before you make a decision.

Let’s make results happen!

In Person

Meeting at a private studio that has all the equipment and amenities of a regular gym, with the added bonus of privacy. The studio is located in Toronto, close to the St. Clair subway station and no membership is required.


Lack of time, scheduling, distance, and other commitments may be hurdles to meeting in person. This is where the use of technology comes in. It can mitigate these issues and improve the level of coaching with permanent communication.

Various tools are used to get you going towards your objective: apps, software, video, pictorials, audio, and anything else needed that fits your lifestyle and needs.


As a longtime client of Marcio’s, it is my pleasure to recommend him as a personal trainer. Marcio is great to work with because he is attuned to the whole person. The result of Marcio’s training is holistic; it’s not just about awesome pecs or rock-hard abs, his training method encourages you to make healthy choices in all aspects of your life.
– Susan Prince

I’ve been exercising for years – as a matter of course, it never occurred to me that I would enjoy it as much or do it on my own with Marcio’s take away training routines while traveling.
– Susan Chong, Director, SC\PR