The Coach

The Coach

Who I am

In a nutshell: I am the no talent, bad genetics, nerd turned jock, martial artist, and coach who gets results despite of my client’s limitations.

I am the cure for time wasting; I am in love with effectiveness and efficiency. Through years of studying, coaching and self-experimentation, I have developed protocols that make average busy people into lean, strong, and healthy people.

I help people use their full potential, regardless of experience, time, or present fitness level.

My job is to listen, help, sympathize, empathize, and be your cheerleader and drill sergeant. My job is to be the impartial and unbiased point-of-view that will help you make the right decisions.

Your starting point is irrelevant for me: from absolute beginner to athlete, young and old, thin or heavy. I have worked with all types of clients. If you want to look, feel, and perform better, I am your coach!

What makes me different?

Been there, done that
I was a fat kid and untalented jock. I have had many injuries, dealt with postural deviations, and as an adult, I have figured out how to loose weight. I went from 214 lbs to 204, then from 206 to 182. This was achieved, while keeping up with a career with extremely unusual hours and physical demands, as well as chronic sleep issues.
No genetics, no talent, just work.

No useless muscle
Looking good is ok, but moving well is great!
All the protocols I’ve developed will lead to better movement and performance, less stiffness, and a better overall sense of well being.

Communication with healthcare providers
During years of study and coaching, I have collected enough knowledge to have educated conversations with doctors and therapists. Whenever there is doubt regards your health, I refer to a trained professional and keep communication open, in order to keep my clients moving safely toward their goals, regardless of injury or illness.

A movement polyglot
Posturology, athletic training, pilates, weight lifting, trigger point technique, yoga, movement development, core conditioning, and mobility are just a few of the modalities I have been trained in. These help me to think in a different way, to develop optimal systems and protocols, and find solutions that fit your needs.

Clear methodology and systems
My protocols have been refined with simplicity at their core, in order to make it easier for my clients to understand and execute with ease.

What I stand for

(These are in no particular order) Integrity, Individualization, Humour, Fairness, Safety, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Communication, Empathy, and Honesty


Find what works… for you!