What we do

Bespoke programs, personalized coaching, and delicious food

Look, feel, and perform better with a bespoke plan designed to fit your lifestyle, commitments, resources, and priorities.

With clear and present coaching, I will educate and support you, so you reach your goals fast.

Eat delicious food! Eat when hungry. Don’t starve!

In one month, feel results.
In two months, see results.
In three months, get used to constant compliments.

Our work is a blend of Science + Experience + Communication. The Science being Biomechanics, Physiology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Psychology, Nutrition, and more.

I don’t stop learning

Experience: 16 years as PT, trained in post rehab, weight management, injury prevention, posturology, pilates, yoga, indoor cycling, and much more.

Communication: permanent feedback, education, and non-intrusive advice, will keep your program evolving and results coming quickly.

Train with intention for 15-60 minutes and get the job done fast!

All parameters of your program (exercise, sets, rest, intensity) are planned with the intent to get maximum results in minimum time.

No time wasted, no hype, no talent or genetics needed, just commitment and consistency

How We do it

Assess: interview, measurements, posture, document

Before we start moving I will gather as much information as possible, talking to you, your healthcare professionals and learning about your lifestyle, past experience, health goals, professional and personal commitments and availability.

Plan: match goals, time frame, and lifestyle.

In this phase I customize your program; design training protocols, research food resources (recipes and educational material) for you.

Coach: implement plan, give/receive feedback, support and accountability. Now magic happens!

We keep the communication channels open and all the feedback that we give to each other will allow you to master all aspects of your training and improvement of your program

Rinse and repeat: constant assessment of training outcome, adjustment of the plan and feedback

Your program keeps evolving constantly to deal with any hurdles an make sure that you don’t waste time