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The workouts he’s provided me with have been very empowering

I’m an actor and I was acting in a play that required me to be in good physical shape.
At the time I was not fit and overweight and this needed to change.
Marcio has a no-nonsense, straight to the point approach to his work.
However, he was sensitive to what I wanted to achieve and was very patient with me.
I stuck around because I saw results quickly and I knew that I was in good hands with him.
My entire diet has changed, my sleep patterns are different, I’ve lost about twenty-five pounds, I have increased energy and mental alertness and I look good. It also instilled a routine of working out, which is really important, it’s become part of my routine now.
I basically feel like a completely different person now.
One main difference is that before I had no core strength whatsoever, now I do.
And the big thing is learning how to eat healthily, this was something I didn’t know how to do before.
I would tell someone to go to Marcio because he incorporates eating properly and managing one’s stress levels AS WELL as teaching someone how to work out. It has to be the complete package to really create a healthy change. That’s the most important and impressive way about how Marcio works, he cares about the total health and well-being of the person, not just on how they look. This is what sets Marcio apart and makes him brilliant!
Two years have passed since I first met Marcio.
I accomplished my physique goals for my play within the planned time frame, got a bunch of compliments along the road and I kept all my gains.
Afterwards, I had a stint in Pakistan where I had no access to a gym: no problem!
Marcio designed a body weight work out that allowed me to stay focused and was challenging at the same time.
After 4 months away I set up another appointment with Marcio and he had a simple cost-effective solution/work out that  will allow me to work out and progress despite any travel or work commitment.
Marcio’s process, and the workouts he’s provided me with have been very empowering.
I exercise with confidence and my life has changed because of him.

He sets his sights on optimal impact and results

I’m a neurologically based chiropractor and had not properly had a trainer ever before.
With a strong knowledge of “what I could do to improve my fitness”, I was lacking the direction, program creation, and accountability to get into action.
I spent a solid year with Marcio, and the two biggest things I noticed during that time was my overall strength/stamina being far greater, and that certainly led to my endurance at work adjusting people all day being enhanced as well – big value for me!
Working with Marcio requires focus, meaning he sets his sights on optimal impact and results, so don’t go in half-hearted, because he’s ALL IN.
He always had a 2nd or 3rd way to perform certain exercises if they weren’t comfortable for me, or if a different version would simply work better for my end results, so that was great as he was never a one-trick pony.
My wife started up with him as well, and still happily incorporates his workouts years after she stopped working with him (life got busy with 2 kids).

A good listener and seeks to understand what his clients want

I have been working out with Marcio for the past 4 years.
He designs a weight training program each month that I then work with on my own before going back 4 weeks later to get the next one.
The results have been great.
Marcio is knowledgeable, approachable and designs programs that are effective and efficient.
He’s a good listener and seeks to understand what his clients want before designing programs or offering advice.
I feel like I’m in good hands and have recommended Marcio to several friends. He also makes working out a lot of fun.

For anyone who wants a holistic approach to fitness

Training with Marcio regularly not only provided a great workout session, but helped to motivate me for the week to eat properly and do exercises on my own time.
I looked forward to my weekly sessions as Marcio is a very intelligent, entertaining, and energetic person – what one needs for an early morning session!
I would recommend working with Marcio for anyone who wants a holistic approach to fitness – as he provided advice on diet, exercise, and overall health maintenance – the total package.

Results speak for themselves

I have worked with Marcio for over ten years.
Firstly, I have never suffered an injury, and I have been able to achieve incredible results.
Most notably, in August 2015, I had a major medical issue which caused me to lose significant body mass I was 60 at the time.
Marcio took charge of my rehab/recovery and co-ordinated with my healthcare professionals.
I was able to come back stronger, fitter, with more lean muscle mass and greater flexibility.
Results speak for themselves.

My body has tightened up and have had fewer aches and pains

Marcio came very highly recommended from a friend who had worked with him and was amazed by her results.
Very thorough, very professional and went beyond expectation in terms of thinking about diet/nutrition etc.
“I was impressed that you cared enough to do extra research on my behalf which demonstrated that it’s not all about a paycheck for you and that you really care about your clients.”
“I picked you because you were highly recommended and I have stuck around because I am seeing results and I feel better overall”
I have increased strength and increased stamina my body has tightened up and have had fewer aches and pains.


Rather than deteriorating with age, my strength and flexibility have improved

I met Marcio through my wife who had been one of his clients for several years.
I had been going to a gym frequently and had a series of personal trainers at that gym.
When the last of these left the gym to work elsewhere, I decided to look around for a new and better personal trainer.
Marcio has been this and more.

He is a highly skilled trainer who tailors his client’s programs to their needs and abilities.
Just in this past year he has helped me recover from a knee injury from squash, built up my strength and endurance for a back country ski trip and worked on my mobility, flexibility and strength for the tennis season.
Rather than deteriorating with age, my strength and flexibility have improved as a result of my sessions with Marcio.


Marcio was able to develop and carry out short very intensive work outs that suited my needs

When I first started working with Marcio I wanted to get fitter and improve my muscle tone.
Being a full-time student my time is limited and Marcio was able to develop and carry out short very intensive work outs that suited my needs.

The workouts helped a lot.
I am much fitter and with Marcio I regained my commitment to good health and fitness.
I am eating better and exercising regularly.

I would say that Marcio is a very good trainer, understanding, knowledgeable, committed and fair.

Within a few weeks almost all my symptoms from the back injury were gone

I originally met Marcio through a friend of mine, who also happens to be a professional in physiotherapy.
He was recommended to me as someone who could help repair an injured upper back caused by a minor auto accident.
The pain and discomfort were still lingering many months after the accident, so I went to see Marcio to find out how a fitness expert could help me.

It turned out to be a very good move on my part…
Marcio was very knowledgeable about the body’s muscular problems.
I followed his guidance on specific exercises and within a few weeks almost all my symptoms from the back injury were gone.
I decided to stay on with Marcio to work on getting my fitness levels up to an acceptable level after that because of the confidence I had in his ability to make a difference.

Recently my wife & I have built a home “exercise room” and with Marcio’s help in designing this facility.
We are now using this on a daily basis and consulting with Marcio to design new exercises & routines to follow at home.