5 simple things to look like a goddess

Venus-de-MiloThis is a cheesy title, but I got your attention, therefore it works…

Yes, there are many things that can make you look better, but in a nutshell there are few things that are truly effective and the rest is just icing on the cake.

1 – Stand up straight. So simple and so effective! Do you want to look good? Work against gravity. Do this little test: stand sideways and close to a mirror. Now arch your back, relax your abs and let the shoulders drop forward naturally. Keep this posture and turn your head to look in the mirror. You will see your breasts sagging and your belly pushed out. Now, look to the horizon stand up and tall, chest and shoulders wide and look again: the belly goes in and the boobs go up. That is how you should always look as you walk trough your day.

2 – Eat. Eat only real food: nothing processed, no sugars, no GMO, high quality organic vegetables, grass fed beef, wild fish etc, etc, etc. The quality of your digestion improves, you absorb more nutrients, you feel better, and your skin and hair are properly nourished.

3 – Drink. Drink a lot, drink a lot of water. Not all that canned and bottled stuff that makes you fat or fries your brain, no soda, juices, energy drinks or magical concoctions. Drink 1 litre (4 cups) for each 50lbs of body weight. I know that it seems a lot but if you have a glass every hour you will end up drinking 3 litres in 12 hours without making your bladder explode.

4 – Lift heavy stuff. That will make your body tighten, help with posture, improve hormonal profile, make you feel good and the list goes on.

5 – Sleep. 8 hours a night of deep sleep is what we were made for. A few people can live with less and that is the exception, not the rule. Most people are causing havoc in their adrenal glands for lack of recovery; destroying their physiques by pushing too hard for too long and not de-stressing enough. Don’t watch TV in bed, turn off all the lights, and turn your bedroom in a cave: pitch black, slightly cold, silent. Buy the best mattress that you can afford, as well the best blankets and bed linens. Do that, and take the years off your appearance!

About the Author

With 10 years in the wellness industry working as Personal Trainer, Pilates and Spinning Instructor and more recently as a Wellness Coach. My goal is to help individuals achieve permanent body transformation in a safe manner within their limits.